Technical information sheet for the AVY STONE

Nous utilisons la pierre d'Avy pour toutes nos réalisations en taille de pierre.

8 years ago

The AVY STONE is a sedimentary rock, a  bioclastique limestone slightly porous around the fossilised elements. This white colored limestone is quite hard.
This pretty natural stone is frost resistant, and therefore is perfectly adapted and recommend for floorings, for both indoors or outdoors use, as well as all for fountains, pillars, swimming pool copings...

This natural stone is extracted from underground quarries located in the village of Avy, 15 km North of Jonzac in Charente Maritime (17) - between Bordeaux and La Rochelle (South West of France).


  • Bulk density : 2 100 kg/m3
  • Wet density (norm NF EN 1936) : 2,13 g/cm3
  • Dry density (norm NF EN 1936) : 2,04 g/cm3
  • Porosity (norm NF EN 1936) : 24,6%
  • Speed of the sound propagation (norm NF EN 1936) : 3 386 m/s
  • Indirect tensile resistance : 3,1 MPa
  • Compression : 31 MPa
  • Wear resistance (norm NF EN 14157) : 32,5 mm
  • Frost resistance test (norm NF EN 12371) : 144 cycles (= frost resistant)

→ Feel free to contact us for a copy of salinity, slippery and frost resistance test reports issued by the CTMNC (Centre Technique de Matériaux Naturels de Construction).



Historically, this natural stone was used particularly for various applications such as stairs, floors and especially for pools, fountains and monolithic troughs. The physical characteristics of the Avy stone made it, and still makes it, the perfect stone for carving solid moulded and sculpted elements on public buildings and private properties of its extracting region, mainly of Gothic-style.


- Interior and exterior paving and flooring
- Couvertines
- Stairs and steps
- Door frames and window frames, Vaults
- Curbstones for swimming pools
- Fireplaces
- Fountains and basins
- Garden furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture
- Sinks and bowls
- Tables and benches
- Pillars


The Avy stone : test report for frost resistance.

The Avy stone : test report for salt resistance.

The Avy Stone : Slip Test Reports.

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