Alain Edouard Bidal : recognized by his peers

Ateliers Alain Bidal, Taille de pierre et matériaux anciens en provence.

8 years ago

This logo (red, grey and white) means that Alain Edouard Bidal has been appointed Master of Craftsman - "Maitre Artisan d'Art".
This recognition was awarded to Mr Bidal in 2008 by the President of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, as an artist and craftsman, he has proven over all these years working the stone that he is indeed a true master in its field.

This second logo (black, grey and white) means that the Company founded by Alain Edouard Bidal is recognised as a Living Heritage Company - "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant".
This label, awarded by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment, rewards the companies, master in their business and field, that tend to perpetuate the use of ancestral technics while transmitting them and their "savoir-faire" to the next generation. 

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