The Atelier Bidal on French TV

Alain Bidal a reçu, en son Atelier de taille de pierre situé à l'Isle sur la Sorgue, en plein coeur de la Provence, "La météo à la carte" de France 3. Emission consacrée à la Provence, et plus précisément à la taille de pierre en Provence

7 years ago

Alain Bidal received in his stone cutting Atelier located in Isle sur la Sorgue, in the heart of Provence, the French TV show "Météo à la carte". This daily program hosted by Marine Vignes and Laurent Romejko is broadcasted on France 3 at 12:55. It offers to its viewers a variety of content helping to understand how the weather impacts on health, nature, history and trades...

This program dedicated to Provence, and more especially to the limestone of Provence, was aired on Thursday 2nd June 2016.

During filming, Alain Bidal first went to the stone quarry in Oppède where he buys some of its blocks of stone. Then, back to Isle sur la Sorgue in its Atelier where, while walking through its flowered 3 hectares exhibition park, he talks about his passion for French heritage preservation, architecture, stone cutting and the beautiful region of Provence.

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