Stone cutting and craftsmanship ready for social networkings

The stonecutter Alain Bidal opens up to the world of social networks.

6 years ago

The job of stonecutter is an ancestral craft, respectful of traditions, which bequeathed to our society a heritage of an incomparable richness. It is impossible to walk in this beautiful country that is France without admiring the work of the stone cutters of all time : fountains, buildings, elements of architecture, sculptures ... The list is long and the heritage, precious .

However, our society is changing, times are changing and trades too.

Our profession has suffered terribly since the end of the WWII. It has been necessary to rebuild quickly and cheaply, and to relaunch the industry (like Lafarge and its reinforced concrete), which replaced our Art of building "natural".
To this must be added the globalization and the importation of thousands of polluting containers.

However, our craft is still quite strong and alive. And this is why I would like to help you rediscover our profession via the social networks : explaining to you why natural stone can be very competitive and a better choice than the resinous and concrete composites.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us on our networks : Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Looking forward to see you there !

Alain Bidal

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