The water well : an exceptional ornament to decorate your garden

Here is a beautiful natural stone well made by Alain Bidal in his Atelier in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue.

6 years ago

According to the archaeologists, the earliest testimonies concerning the wells date from the Neolithic period. The oldest well ever discovered was found on the Kissonerga site in Cyprus (dating from the 10th to the 9th millennium).


For the most part located in Central Europe or around the Mediterranean Sea, the first wells were simple unprotected holes. They were meant to allow the exploitation of the underground water. The wells were dug by stone cutters. Once the hole had been dug, it was then necessary to construct the sheath of the well between the level of the tablecloth and the coping with stones, while respecting the rules of masonry.


In large traditional buildings, many wells were also designed to supply homes with drinking water. To make these wells and their copings, the stone cutters used stones finely hand-carved according to the client's request.

With the generalization of pipes and water towers, wells were gradually closed (most often with a grid) to avoid falls and unfortunate mishaps.

→ Alain Bidal offers in his Provençal workshop a range of stone wells that will definitely give your garden an authentic and rustic side !


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