"There are no bad stones, there are only bad uses" - Alain Bidal

The French natural stone: each stone has its use !

6 years ago

As stone craftsmen and professionals, we have to perfectly know the stones that we work in order to offer you the material that best corresponds to the building or element that needs to be crafted : hard stone, soft stone, marble stone.

The soft stone has several advantages : rather inexpensive and quite fast to carve. It is most often used for the elevation and the upper parts of a building (because it is protected from the run-off by the roof), but also for interior fittings, such as mantels and fireplaces.

The hard stone also has its advantages : less porous and more resistant than the soft stone, it will be used for building the bases of an edifice (to avoid any capillary rises). The hard stone is also used for airports or stations paving, but also for our kitchens and bathrooms, and even fountains.


Our French quarries analyse their stone and provide us with the results and the identification data sheet. These information are very useful to us to know the properties of each stone in relation to the use that one will make of it.

They even go further by doing other analyses, such as :
- Salt resistance test
- Frost resistance test
- Slip test
- Risk of exposure to dust particles (This guarantees the protection of our employees and prevents any alveolar problems.)

The tests that I share with you are those of the Avy stone: a very versatile and robust stone that is salt-resistant, frost-resistant and non-slippery.
In short, my favorite !

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