Stone cutting, an art serving building and architecture

Alain Bidal, a specialist in natural stone and the making of stone architectural elements.

6 years ago

Stone cutters are the custodians of an ancestral know-how and the worthy heirs of the cathedral builders.

Respectful of traditions but also open to technological evolutions, stone cutters have appeared for thousands of years (the stone cutting craft appeared in Ancient Egypt) as true artists and builders of great architectural elements.

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Techniques evolve, tools change, but the know-how and technical mastery of the art of building remain intact. Alain Bidal, as an experienced stone-cutter and master of art, offers in his Provencal workshop numerous architectural realizations in natural stone for your indoors or your outdoors : stairs, columns, pillars, stone vaults, balustrades , door frames and window frames, floors, tiles, copings...

Everything is handmade into quality French natural limestone (Avy stone, Estaillades stone) by our craftsmen in our workshops located near Avignon. And of course, to meet all of your expectations, the finishing is made according to your wishes !

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