Unsellable... so what ?

A stonecutter with crazy ideas : unique decorative objects carved in French natural stone.

6 years ago

The life of an artisan is sometimes made of bets.

Stone cutting is first of all a story of passion, that of the work itself and of the imagination. Sometimes, the stonecutter gives free rein to his imagination and creates exceptional objects. Even if it happens that some creations are perhaps disproportionate or simply unsellable ... But it does not matter !

BA61 FO166

Alain Bidal as Master Craftsman of Art, has for many years let his imagination run free to create some magnificent pieces !
Who in our days would still think of realising a real pigeon loft in stone natural as one could find in the old days ? Or to reproduce a gigantic fountain (more than 5 metres high !) as seen in one of our beautiful Provencal villages ?

And when you think you have seen it all...
There are many other unusual creations crafted in natural stone that you will find in our landscaped exhibition park : a bust of Tutankhamen, a Gothic style fireplace, a luxurious fountain created in Buxy Bayadère stone...

Perfect creations to stand out and decorate your home with class and originality !

CH28 FO166 CH66 SCP010 FO182 BA61

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