Stone columns : true vestiges of ancient architecture

At Bidal's, master stonecutter in Provence, we offer authentic columns crafted in natural stone.

6 years ago

A column is an architectural or decorative element dedicated to support a load. Composed of a base, a shaft and a capital, the columns have their origin in the Ancient Greece.

The word "column" is a term that comes from the Latin "columna" itself derived from the Indo-European term "kel" meaning "high".

It was first used metaphorically at the beginning of the 12th century to describe an element of vertical and stretched form. Subsequently, the word "column" has been used to designate in architecture a "vertical cylindrical part generally serving as support in a construction".

According to legend, the first columns created by Man would have been those of the Temple of Solomon: the columns Jakin and Boaz. The column Boaz translated the superior force, the spiritual strength, and the column Jakin expressed stability.

Also, the columns are associated with longevity. In fact, among the ruins of the ancient monuments, only the columns remain standing. As they stood up toward the sky, the columns represented a link between the earth and the sky. Thus, they have a sacred character.

As an experienced and recognized master craftsman, Alain Bidal offers in his Provencal workshop a large range of authentic columns in natural stone. Whether Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan..., they will surely bring some charm and an authentic side to your home !


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