Kitchens and sinks, natural stone

Sinks in stone, wash-basins in stone, kitchens in stone.

6 years ago

The oldest sinks found in our country were flat and called "pierres à eau" (= "water stones"). In all the country-houses, the evacuation was at he back throughout the depth of the wall to then fall into a tank to recover the greasy waters for the pigs. The de-greasing agent of the time was a horsetail, also consumable by the pigs. The sinks were large and deep enough to accommodate a bucket of freshly drawn water from the well. Cauldrons and large tins also found their place on these large stones sinks.


Today these products are evacuated to the sewer and our sinks are much deeper. We have adapted their dimensions to todays' appliances as well as the look and design now requested by customers.

Sinks, shower trays, bathroom sinks, kitchens... the stone is perfectly adapted for these. Sturday, elegant, easy to maintain, this material of our art of building (as well as other natural materials such as wood or earth) does not release any harmful substance.


Many of our kitchens and bathrooms are nowadays made with composite materials: acrylic stone, reconstituted stone and for wood: medium, plywood, isorels... All these materials have some resins. It's up to you to see their compositions and influences on our health.


Let us remain simple, a good old stone or a good old piece of wood, nothing better to remain clean towards ourselves and our mother Earth !

This is why we offer to carve your sink or kitchen in natural stonequarried in France : 100% natural, 100% French and 100% artisanal !

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