French natural stone pillars

Stone pillar - Manufacturer of real natural stone pillars : Alain BIDAL

6 years ago

Pillars are architectural organs on which rest the loads of the structure of a building (frameworks, higher levels' masonry ...). Present on buildings all over the world for millennia, pillars are made to support and carry immeasurable vertical loads.

BA24 - Square pillars for gate carved into French limestone BA10 - Square pillars for portal carved in natural stone and aged by time

Pillars are mostly present at the entrance of properties but also on smaller buildings (eg pedestals, table legs ...). They also appear on the most beautiful buildings in the world such as those of the Pont du Gard, a model of Roman architecture still standing today !

The word pillar is also frequently used in our language to talk about the foundations of an idea or ideology (pillars of civilization, pillars of creation ...).

BA100 - Pair of stone pillars for gate or entrance - in natural limestone from Provence BA56 - Small square pilars with mouldings carved in French limestone

→ As an experienced and renowned expert in natural stone, Alain Bidal offers magnificent French natural stone pillars to dress your entrance with class and robustness ! Original creations exhibited in our landscaped park in Provence and realized by hand by our master craftsmen stonemasons. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request or for a personalized quote.

BA57 - Pair of square pillars with side walls carved in limestone BA35 - Pair of small pillars carved in stone with diamond tip BA59 - Pair of massive circular pilars carved in French limestone BA50 - Pair of octagonal pillars with capital decorated with a ball carved in French limestone BA54 - Limestone pair of pilars with mouldings on their corners

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