A large central fountain in Avy stone created and carved for Disneyland Paris Hotels !

Superb central stone fountain for Les Villages Nature in Paris ǀ Atelier Alain Bidal in Provence.

Il y a 4 ans

For Disneyland Paris Hotels "Les Villages Nature", Alain Bidal and his masters stonemasons crafted in the stone of Avy (a beautiful limestone extracted in the South West of France) a large central village fountain.

This fountain, located on the market square in the heart of the village, includes a large basin with 7 sides and a high central round column measuring 80 centimeters in diameter by 2.65 meters high. The 3 water spouts were also ordered to measure ! They were forged by a fellow metal worker with whom we are used to work.

This beautiful French craftsmanship represents 3.7 tons of natural stone !


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