How to preserve and look after your elements in natural stone? Bidal's tricks.

The natural stone is very simple to clean !

7 years ago

The daily looking after and maintenance of your elements in natural stone does not require great means !


* Indoors

Remove the dust by hovering and then wash with warm, clear and clean water, using a moist cloth with black soap or Marseille soap. Rinse well.

If the floor is really dirty, then replace the black soap with some soda crystals (1 cup of soda crystals per 1 liter of hot water).

All detergents found in your local drugstores are to be prohibited ! They destroy the natural protection of the stone.

To remove the marks of everyday life (oil, wine, grease, etc ...),  you canclean these stains by rubbing them with a sponge soaked with hot water and bleach or sprinkled with Scouring powder or more environmentally friendly baking soda. Preferably wipe them immediately without waiting.


* Outdoors

Simply use some bleach diluted with clear clean water.

At the end of the winter time, you can apply a high pressure jet (light setting, not too aggressive) on all your semi-hard and hard stones in order to remove the mosses and lichens. This will unclog the pores of the stone.

For a better durability, we advise you to treat all your natural stones with a mineralizing water repellent.

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