Flooring in natural stone from Burgundy : Golden Vallangis

Origin : Burgundy, France

The flooring "Vallangis Doré", a natural hard limestone of a warm golden colour, comes from quarries located in Burgundy.
"Vallangis" is an appellation of our quarry that guarantees its quality and certifies its origin : Burgundy stone.

These tiles can be used both outdoors and indoors. This natural stone from burgundy is frost resistant (240 cycles according to norm NF EN 12371).

Choosing for a terrace or a living room a flooring in natural stone, a noble, durable, environmentally friendly, warm and easy to maintain material, will bring some character to your home !

The warm colour of Burgundy stone harmonises with all types of decorations. The veins and grain of the burgundies stones provide an authentic and lively appearance.

→ We are presenting it here in a beautiful abbey finishing (ie with slightly cambered slabs and broken edges) in an Versailles Opus 8 pieces module.
Other sizes and finishes available upon request.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or for a personalised quote.

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Width : 40 cm
Thickness : 2 cm

150 €Réf. DA29

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